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171225 KZSB SBAU radio show BaRonH JerryW PatF ChuckMcP PatMcP TomT.  Show repeated and recorded 3am Sunday Dec 31, 2017

01:29.940 music jingling bells and galileo; Ed Giron TT mentioned SkyGlow 1st Fri meet Jan 5, CM Bacara, Ed repeats 12 days of Gratitude made by Mayor and Friar;  Ron gets fruit cake from Jerry Wilson & Pat Forgerty.

10:19.040 music jingling bells, Ron opens fruit cake container.  PatF Friendship Center Chair, also Consulting: Path Forward. PatMcP merchandising manager, bookmarks, calendar. JW-AdrianL upcoming talk Summer Astro camp science, going to college next year. SBAU meeting Jan 5 Skyglow.  B-upcoming space rockets James Webb.  JW-infrared telescope, Hubble visible above atmosphere to prevent wiggle, now adaptive optics "rubber mirrors". CM-lasers sodium artificial stars.  B-data has to be converted? JW-false color can be changed.  infrared googles vs starlight amplifiers.

22:45.249 music.  Xmas AU hour Bringing in Pats.  TT-564-1290 to tell us about their new telescope.  B-stories of old xmas's.  We were poor, Lubbock Tx, wanted a big train set...got a tiny one.  As teen asked for microscope, pond scum.  Did you have telescopes before meeting husbands.  PatMcP, no, but Dad pointed out big dipper, etc. married? CM-seems like forever! CM-had a orange C8 telescope.  PMcP friend dated CM first. PM would tell folks about constellations. B-Orion 3 stars.  PatF-1st date, leaving Biltmore 4 Seasons, JW started pointing out stars.  After marriage, telescopes populating house.  music: galileo used his telescope...

32:14.652 music Gato Europa CM- B-saw CC prof on TV. SB Star Cluster started 1955. CM-other clubs, meet at expos. Two Pats married to astronomers.  B-dinner talk on astronomy or ?  B-tunnel on moon, CM-lava tube.  planetarium shows. Incoming rocks Oumuamua. phone call Peter Olmos? opinion on humans only creatures in universe looking up at stars?  CM-Yes, but not coming here to make crop circles.  JW-life is sparse and short lived CM-we work on killing ourselves.  B-supernovas CM-stat 300B stars in our galaxy w/ planets.  CM-technology may not be best for life as we work on poisoning ourselves.  JW-we may have lucked out w/ another planet hitting earth for our spin.  Carl Sagan said single cell life easier than multicellular.  B-signal from alien civilization? JW-could be pretty old.

42:12.388 music star trek its been a long road... B-life is good, i have a fruitcake.  Javier knows his stuff? CM-Yes.  Richard Dupree called How come stars have 5 pts?  B-telescopes show 4  JW-Newtonian telescopes have 4 vanes holding secondary mirror.  refractors do not have.  B-smiley face?  Gravitational lensing.  RD-man in the moon, but Japan says rabbit.  B-what is coming up TT-Skyglow
47:21 end of show minus commercials

170925 SBAU radio KZSB 1290am BaRon, JerryW, ChuckMcP, TomT, BruceM  sloppy notes:
00:00.000 Baron-saw Mark Giles? John Denver music; ChuckMcP in studio, over anti-biotics, B still doing his. Cassini dived into Saturn, Juno circling big planet, C-deliberate orbit to avoid radiation.  B-Webb telescope segmented.  C-AU 1983 start, joined 1987
02:44.021 Earth Sky 2012 Volcanos caused cooling 1380AD, made little ice age 1600s, not change in Sun.  John Denver playing in background w/ Beatles.
04:29.239 TT in Chevy Spark, Donny re: John Palminteri ships in channel
06:53.630 music B-we will catch up on probes in space
07:14.656 music B-AM1290, only club I have joined, Key club in HS not in, but editor of paper.  Did mobile DJ for reunion.  compare JW Pres style to TT C-calm and collected B-but what is JW's.  B-photos for calendar, JW eclipse, JW-Flickr ones best.  B-Bacara changing owners, when SBAU outreaches?  C-June-Aug Thursdays.  TT-hopefully in 2018 also.  C-Sedgwick for UCLA Thurs.  B-Steve: you were member of club, breakfast club

11:36.305  music: "it was calm and cloudless night"  Galileo 1609.  B- TT singing along, JW- SBRS, CMcP-TT outreach in Wyoming, BruceM 127 outreaches last year, B-how to get into Bacara?  JW-security gate question "here for astronomy".   B-Summer start at 8pm?  CM-depends on moon, planets. B-gray haired group JW-more than one HS'er.  BM- theater organ usually 2nd Sat, SBTOS.org.  retired EE.  [JW-taking pic] B-Cassini wake, CM-13 years around Saturn.  B-slingshot around planet, seems it would whip you 180deg? JW-depends on distance from planet BM-gravity diminishes Dist squared.  CM-suck momentum out of planet.  TT-launch 1997, but how many years before in planning?  JW-many.  B-Galileo ever found out what ears of Saturn were?  CM-not likely.  TT-Kittens going around Saturn, 60 of them in outer rings, moonlets.  JW-too close to Saturn, under Roche limit [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roche_limit] JW-two objects, slightly different orbits, gravitational attract of larger object vs. coming apart CM-depends on what the object is made of; B-is Roche on that list of famous astronomers for the calendar? CM- No.  B-Mars moons, tidally locked go farther away, vs non-tidally locked?  Mercury JW-2:3 resonance? pull into Sun? CM-elliptical orbit precesses. B-T always on cell (tablet). music Gato B jazz.

21:43.533 music: "it has a been a long road, a long time, time is finaly here" Star Trek Enterprise.  TT-new Star Trek show Discovery, on CBS all-access for $$.  TT-summary of first show, lady related to Spock Father 10 yrs before original show, Klingons.  B-Cassini break up? JW-breaks up, heat vs. oxidation.  plasma [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plasma_(physics)] B-BM how many telescopes? BM-2 C8, 1-5" Maksutov.  B-talk about star parties.  Cannot see colors? CM-Red giants. Betelgeuse.  CM-1B volume of sun, so outer surface is cool.  JW-sent video of ocean levels rising over earth if all ice on earth melts.  B-flare coming our way?  JW-large solar eruption, gave nice auroras.  CM-1859 Carrington event, caused fires at telegraph terminals.  BM-Sun CME's at various angles, so only some hit earth. music: "as a spaceship flies, strong embrace of a black hole, the engine died..."

33:44.791 music: "the thriving crews not to fall into a black hole" CM-Kazoo music B-nerds never get visited by beauties.  Club very active. CM-top 3 in nation  TT-most clubs do not have radio shows. B-most action in Astro? JW-no, biology.  Tech, nano structures revolutionizing the world.  JW-possible to image an individual atom and pick it up and put it somewhere else.  Trouble for nightly news to translate to public for high ratings.  B-1T stars in Milky Way?  CM-maybe 1T solar masses.  Smallest stars 80x Jupiter.  2001 movie mass added to Jupiter to turn it into a star.  B-Kubric, studio in London for apes.  CM-ISS passing 757pm SW to NE by 803, very bright.  B-medical changes of astronauts?  Kelly brothers, CM-small amount of calcium change.  B-SpaceX docking to ISS?  JW-just for cargo, Russians do people.  TT-russian engine for Atlas 5.  BM-artificial gravity could be made for ISS.  CM-more problems than worth.  JW-must be standing on floor to feel gravity of rotating space station.  Running and jumping.  B-Passengers movie?  JW-wakes up passenger.  TT-Andy Howell of LCO, has Science vs. Cinema on YouTube, analyzes movies and ruins them for me. B-Aliens movies.  TT-like A vs Predators.  music: "I became a star of gas"

45:54.162  music: "Once I had my hydrogen gas slowly fuse to helium"  BM-Bonnie sits w BM in front at meetings, but has a detached retina, so hard to look thru telescopes.  B-what is status of Juno? CM-53 day orbit around Jupiter. radiation from trapped particles in magnetic field.  JW-Earth has Van Allen belts of radiation.  TT Q's about radiation.  B-sunspots JW-cooler areas.  B-eight minutes for light from Sun to reach us. Thousands of years from core to surface?  TT-sounds strange, but core gamma ray photon actually changes into other photons?  JW-absorbed re-emitted.  BM-photon/wave duality.  B-starts/stops on a dime!  JW-laser on moon [to push StarChip] is phased locked. BM-light amp by stim emiss of rad.  JW-Phil Lubin phase locking to prevent divergence.  B-beach tanning is a lot of beating down.  TT stops on a dime on your DNA.  Music: "Galileo 1609 saw mountains and craters on the moon, jupiter with 4 tiny moons" "got my telescope w me"  "shoulders of giants"

54:50.459 music: "beyond..."  TT-next speaker for October?  JW-not sure  B-December, just ask a couple of Q's. How much do we learn from the speakers?  CM-always something and some folks are new to club.  B-AdrianL busy w school, like a job.  JW-older folks are retired, so have time to attend.  CM-events coming up...40 UCLA students.B-see you all at the meeting.
57:39.105 end

170911 KZSB radio SBAU show Baron JW CMcP TT BM 9-10am 2nd Monday

00:00.000 B-564-1290, AU guys coming in ~830am
00:27.500 music: Doors B-flashback to last night CM-7a huge gully washer TT-lightening, but use earplugs B-hurricanes on Jupiter, want to talk about water surges.  Bahamas areas water was pushed away.  TT-also along Florida coast. B-surge is new term. Wind is counter-clockwise. West Florida, first part of storm pushes water out to sea.  TT-wind ahead of eye was pushing water out to west. CM-low psi in eye has effect. B-Hello Jerry, minutes ready?  JW-low psi causes moisture to condense out of the air. B-what happens on Neptune?  The great red spot? JW-never found a satisfying answer.  B-losing Juno, like Cassini? JW-yes.  CM-last orbit. no camera images, no time to send image data.  TT-folks living in clouds of Saturn will be harmed.  B-break up? CM-burn up, but dipping into rings on last passes.  B-Saturn lighter than water, we need a big bathtub to put it in.  TT-but what happens when you pull it out? CM-it leaves a big ring!  B-we wont talk about Uranus.
07:35.221 Earth-Sky Milky Way will collide in 4B yrs w Andronmeda, mutual pull of gravity and dark matter between them.  Long ago, A encountered another galaxy, M33, Triangulum Gal, they can see trail of gas between them.
09:05.639  Donny, AU finest minds here, not including Tom  TT-alrighty then D-dont let him pick on you
09:40.013 CM-rainbow, orange B-cards to scratch off for free gas.  CM-TomW has classes, special relativity.
12:12.131 B-call up Holst Saturn? TT-Mars, Jupiter exciting. B-great speakers at AU meetings, send your kids, free food.  TT-Saturday Astrovaganza was good. B-construction at Museum. CM-ADA walkways.  B-so much going on at Museum.  Planetarium, Observatory, star parties. 

15:07.484 music:  B-intros TT, JW, CMcP astrophysics front and center of all the sciences CM-+biology B-chemistry JW-Astrovaganza speaker TT-Phil Lubin, Rothman, B-postage stamp sized missions JW-pushed by phased locked lasers B-like Ruby lasers TT-coherent light? JW-yes, stimulated electrons waiting to fall down, all fall at once CM-like lemmnigs JW-  B-  TT-how does photons stick together in narrow beam?  JW-in phase B-mirrors on moon? JW-corner cubes B-pointers red aimed at helicopters?  CM-green JW-now Blu-ray light, data more compacted on disk, UCSB prof got Nobel prize.  JW-postage stamp size, camera, transmitter, bugs in back seat.  B-how can signal get back to earth?  Armada?  CM-several every day JW-thousands at a time.  TT-biologist Dr. Hoffman was to see how life in space works JW-worms, aliens will want deworming medicine. freeze dried bugs. TT-should do this w humans.  JW-Cassini burn up in Saturn to prevent contaminating other moons.  B-no one on phone, Dupree call in! TT-Mom, call in!

25:49.980 music: "once I had enuf mass, i became a star of gas" B-AU name since? CM-1983 or 5  TT-joined 2009 JW-early 2000's. B-how to get more kids to join CM-kids get cars, friends, school as distractions. JW-retirement. Some speakers are professors and students come in to talks.  We keep speakers at public level, no math.  B-AdrianL is VP, 17 at DP. B-Cassini speaker, how long to get to Saturn? CM-7years B-so 20 to Proxima is doable CM-hard to keep staff on project that long. B-Huygens probe dropped on Titan. CM-Huygens discovered rings and Titan going around Saturn.  Titan bigger than Mercury.  JW-atmosphere 1.5x earths. smog atmosphere, methane ethane.  TT-rockets to drop probe?  JW-heat shield.  B-video shows shadow of parachute as it lands. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huygens_(spacecraft) .   B-Voyager 1  TT-interstellar space 140AU, JW-hyperbolic orbit never will return.  B-looking at dwarf planets? planet 9 TT-20xEmass, TT-now a planet 10 also.
music: timeless night 1609 Galileo used his telescope for very first time...

38:36.137 music: got my telescope w me, just wait to you see on the shoulders of giants, we'll see beyond.  B-AU tidy little club, run by JW, was TT, real leader is CM, 200 nights a year B-Bacara now will be owned by Ritz Carlton. 2nd Sat star parties  BM on phone, BM-just checked wife flight to Atlanta, looks on time. [30s missing] B-Qs do we know the direction of hurricanes in north?  JW-counterclockwise.  B-storm surge, Bahama water retreated.  BM-beach is shallow at Bahamas.  CM- on Navy cruiser betw islands and they are very low. B-various size hurricanes, more coming  BM-map for 2100 Florida shows tip of Florida disappearing, coastal cities disappear.  BM-Florida described by one #95, 95deg, 95humidity B-and highway 95. 

45:52.909  music: 2001 Strauss, B-intros need it darker in Farrand, but may not see speaker TT-need light at lecturn.  B-Saturn Cassini speaker TT-Bonnie Buriatti JPL  BM-cannot see from Earth the moons of Saturn  B-send bugs to Titan?  TT-yes, terraform moons  JW-Mars, just warm it up, and we know how to do that!  B-Mars moons one will go away and one will crash.  B-Mercury locked? BM-2/3 resonance (59 day rotation vs. 88 day orbit)  B-all bodies planets effect the thing they are orbiting BM common center of mass in Sun for Jupiter.  JW-linear sum of circles for each planets, used to find exoplanets, and doppler effect on light.  B-?  JW-radio hands...think of kids on teeter-totter for balance point as center of gravity.  B-Alpha Centauri is 3 star system  CM-two stars orbit each other, 1 small around both of them. B-fal into ea other?  JW-some systems will do that.  B-no dark sky at Proxima?  JW-all 3 stars could be on one side.  B-Starshot Breakthru mission, how to steer craft?  TT-something does tilt craft.  JW-will shoot laser from back side of moon to avoid hitting earth.  B-events coming up?  CM-Telescope Workshop, Westmont  JW-got a Questar from Sat star party.

56:31.663 music: black hole B-someone very sick came up with this.  B-Sat speaker, I wish I made that, how often?  TT-only Astrovaganza  B-Matrix bar and Sci pub.  JW-Baron on for December to ask Qs, B-present case.  B-Friday end of Cassini  TT-can we see it from Westmont?  B-see the rings  CM-Cassini has great pictures  30ft thick rings.  BM-Encelladus in E ring.  TT-do not cry for Cassini..BM-do not forget theater organ Society open console...
1:01:11.270  end

Quick notes!  Download and listen to attached mp3 file, 50 minutes.

170814 KZSB SBAU radio program AdrianL Summer Science B JW TW CM 2nd Monday

00:00.000 earth sky solar flares
01:29.739 it is 3pm. Baron-news: solar eclipse museum natural history
02:36.849 B-news: forest eclipse crowds & fires

03:21.774 song "summer 1609 Galileo" TW newsletter 14 yrs; CM Comtech computers; TW-adjunct Westmont; AdrianL VP will tell about summer sci progr in astrophysics; TW-NY Times 1919 eclipse supported relativity, read about supporting others to see it. Helen McDonald, "March 26 Turkey, hole in sky, very black at totality.  Hard to grasp.  ?Thot others would detract from event, but in a crowd there is a solidarity felt..."  TW-going to South Carolina, Greenville.  JW-near Salem Oregon, Pine Ridge resort outside of Mamouth; CM-Wyoming; AL-in town, school starting, may hand out some glasses.  Javier will talk at Dargan's Sci Pub tonite.

15:256.084 song "its been a long while" star trek.  Police Chief works out to Pink (singer).  SBAU.org .  CM-1955 SB star cluster, AdrianC biking across US.  B-getting pictures of members.  JW- last speaker Karl Blasius, Mars. B-Orion capsule, next gen JW-for manned missions, 2018 may be first mission.  B-will talk on eclipse later.  AdrianL 6-18 to 7-26 summer science program in astrophysics New Mexico, 36 kids.  Collaboration w/ Alumni Foundation, two campuses CU Boulder, and NM Inst Tech, Sicorro.  1hr s of Albuquere. Lecture 9-12, 1-4, work on P-sets, problem sets.  TW-very prestigious to be in. AL-Costs $5-6K, but had financial aid.  AL-P-sets one a day, main problem of summer was to determine orbit of an Asteroid.  Twice a week, 2hrs a night, observe w/ telescope, take pics, RA, Dec.  Teams of three.  18th mag or brighter asteroids can be seen. B-most between Mars & Jupiter.  TW-18th mag is 1000x dimmer than seen w naked eye.  B-all earth telescopes have tracking mech?  JW- CM-w/ telescopes can track in a few minutes.  Ceres 600 miles across.  B-Mars moons potatoes in space.  AL-name of asteroids 2005 TX68, 1999 LA, 1951 Lick; 12 teams.  Everyone successful in determining orbits.  AL-plan to major in physics, then astrophysics.  CM-he will come back and talk to our club.

28:34.084 song "once I had enough of a mass, i became a star of gas"  eclipse August 21 Monday, need special glasses.  B-shadow 70 miles across CM-partial shadow is much wider.  AL-problem angular momentum if Moon moving away, calc Earth slowing down. B-what to learn from eclipse?  JW-what can we know that we do not know  CM-different layers of Sun can be seen.  JW-coronagraph can work like a natural eclipse. JW-AL did you operate telescope?  AL-we did, but had help.  14" scope in New Mexico.  TW-hosted program at Westmont in past.  B-jazz  Gato Barberi "Europa"  beasts under the ice.

34:36.681 song "its been a long while" B-it's the AU hour, SBAU.org, astro unit, Richard Dupre: determining DEC/RA? AL-used that to calculate distance and movement, long of ascending nodes, RD-expression of orbit?  AL-determined orbit, RD-prediction? AL-not perfect.  RD-what math used?  AL-RA/DEC used astrometry, least squarese plate reduction using nearby ref stars, then method of Gauss CM-vector math.  B-calculus?  AL-partial deriv, figured in class, then plug in numbers. CM-gravity of Jupiter can throw orbits off.  AL-these were NEO asteroids.  JW-asteroids could interact and change orbits.  shatter or stick to each other also.  Shoemaker/Levy Jupiter tidal forces.  TW-Keplerian dynamics can show gravity effects.  JW-spot exoplanets by motion of stars; also transits.  B-all solar systems flat?  JW-comets come from various angles.  B-any friends made? AL-facebook group.  B-girls in STEM only 4%?  CM-prob going up.  TW-circuit class 3 or 4 of 10 female.  B-small class.  CM-my intro class had 300 students. TW-taught there, very diff from Evergreen college.

43:28.876 song "calm and cloudless night...1609 Galileo"  B-true? CM-he pushed his luck. Venus, Jupiter observations. CM-Cassini will go into Saturn soon.  Huygens probe dropped on Titan.  Juno mission around Jupiter B-pics of great red spot? JW-yes. radiation near planet.  B-New Horizons CM-going to a binary or elongated body dwarf planet, found by occultations.  B-great pics of Pluto, heart shape.  CM-may call it a planet again, anything in hydrostatic equilibrium JW-spherical.  B-did we land on asteroid? yes.  JW-dinosaurs did not have space program.  TW-James Webb coming up.  B-WISE telescope?  CM-wide field infrared survey.  B-not visual anymore?  JW-big ones still visual.  Thanks Adrian

49:08.845  end.  some news w/ Baron..renew energy vs gas plant in Oxnard.  50:26.331

170607 interview Thacher school astronomy. Drs Vyhnal and Swift
(download and play attached audio file)
00:00.000 early talk
01:26.515 pre 9am intros
03:09.481 1st section star trek music
13:13.261 2nd section music: 1609 Galileo
24:41.729 3rd section ... 25:14.426 power loss! for about 15minutes. 
4th section  sounds a little scratchy for a minute or so. 
Richard Dupree call re power loss...yes Thacher Obs dome can close if power is lost. 
42:14.943 end

Outreach & Events / 170522 KZSB 1290AM SBAU radio hour 4th Monday
« on: May 27, 2017, 11:32:37 PM »
170522 KZSB 1290AM SBAU radio hour 4th Monday notes w/ Baron Ron Herron, JerryW, ChuckMcP, TomT, BruceM
see attached file to download and playback
tt--if a spaceship lands on Uranus, will that make you itchy?
00:00.000 Teresa Brewer "Let me go" song, Baron preview SBAU
02:07.057  TT where should I put my millions?
02:43.701 f-bomb?
02:56.741 B-in my studio, names, star party last saturday at Museum, JW-famous pic of Einstein taken at Museum; CM-after 1915 Einstein world famous; B-special relativity? JW-sure;

04:58.967 music: Galileo 1609; B-how do we know that? CM-he wrote about it, refractor.  JW-eyeglasses led to telescopes.  CM-seafarers did not have scopes until after Galileo.  B-Ben Franklin kite ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kite_experiment ); 400Hz freq for airplanes;

08:12.675 music: Star Trek; B, BruceM-June 3 next open console for Arlington Theater organ; B-Nemo's organ? TT, JW, CM intro suggested by Richard Dugan, AntiKythera Mechanism, an Orrey, B-needs oiling? BM-xray'd and replicated; B-Chariots of the Gods guy will claim something else; BM-60Hz used for carbon arcs; 400Hz used in aircraft for weight reasons.  JW-real bright lights were carbon arcs, and before light bulbs, Lime burned in theaters "limelight", and miners used underground. BM-acetylene to burn the lime; Edison bulbs; B-Edison direct current, Tesla A/c championed by Westinghouse.  BM-D/c needed power every mile.  JW-A/c electrons slosh back and forth.  B-lightning?  Exoplanets show lightning.

17:25.050 music: ST space, the final frontier; Richard Dupree call during break.  JW-earth one of most active lightning planet suitable for life, but Jupiter has much more; B-Sprites? JW-above the clouds, and go up. ISS has taken pictures.  B-uneven electrons amounts.  BM-Calcium Carbide for lamps. TT-3 types of sprites, jellyfish, column, carrots. B-JW do not believe in Dark Matter? JW-need to test and get evidence to support postulate.  DM is a simple explanation.  TT-may be MOND.  CM-no evidence.  JW-I think we will be surprised with final answer. B-Black holes, many solar masses...missing stars?  JW-are not enough to be dark matter BM-I heard opposite, more BH than stars. TT-maybe early in universe more massive stars that collapse to BHs.  JW-graviton not found yet. but cleverly made up.
BM-neutrino can go thru a light year of lead w/ 30% chance of hitting.  JW-produced in core of Sun, detected on earth.  3 types of neutrinos. Could account for missing numbers.  B-come from all stars.  CM-2 sec early warnings of supernova due to neutrino detection.  B-neutrino travel at speed of light, solar wind comes later.

30:00.401  music: Gato Barbieri.  B-SBAU potluck June 2 for members. Chips/Dip; Mac/Cheese.  CM-outreach 6-3 REfugio, 6 tele tues....Bacara, Museum, Westmont, Lopez Lake, Carp St Beach; Asteroid Day June 31 1908 Tunguska event in Siberia.  TT-RTMC.  B-eclipse story, Aug 21  JW-Hi to daughter Laura in Port Hueneme, texted back.  BM-gravity has waves, why not a particle involved? B-spacetime continum? JW-rubber sheet not literal.  TT-spacetime, 4D? JW-time is c x T....  B-special general relativity next

38:33.971  music: McP song collection; B-banjo space music; back w/ BM on phone, card carrying members, JW-"cannot lose it" not in my spacetime.  July meeting Yair Arcavi, Aug-Karl Blasius Mars. B-monolith. Genius TV show on Einstein..how can something go thru nothing.  JW-just wrote on that in SBAU newsletter, zero in math. Can vacuum exist?  no motion in vacuum?  1644 Torrecelli made vacuum with mercury in tube.  Barometer.  B-spec/gen rrelativity? JW-special is at constant velocity, zero acceleration, e=mc2, time dilation, twin paradox. General is with acceleration taking place, elevator falling.  grav mass = inertia mass.  JW-space ships that rotate to make gravity. B-earth? JW-want to travel in straight line, feel gravity from mass.  BM-gravity sucks JW-there is no gravity the earth sucks.  B-so?  JW-expl the universe  CM-then quantum mechanics.  LHC and Fermi Lab chicago.  Texas was too expensive for a LHC during Vietnam war.  B-anti-matter in LHC?  JW-can hold in magnetic bottle.  Star Trek Enterprise amount? JW-copius amount maybe in another method. Classical vacuum take everything out.  B-anti-protons, positrons = explosion? BM-energy.

49:14.323 music: star trek tv;  B-why not more members for AU?  many listeners TT-millions on internet.  B-trojan asteroids?  CM-occulations  TT-how many looking at same occultations? CM-up to 80, but usually just a few.  B-billions of rocks?  how to nail one?  CM-100Ks know.  TT-only in belt?  CM-also near earth objects.  CM-trojans in same orbit as planet BM-lagrange point. B-Ceres, dwarf planet.  B-wrap up hour outreaches, Museum, Westmont. CM-Cachuma in July. JW-Neil Degrasse Tyson, Physics not a belief system.

name           # in party      potluck dish
Tom/CezT           2               chicken & greek salad
ArtH                    2               Jello
Martin/JanetM      2                potato & macaroni salad
RonH                    1                chips & dip
TonyT               1                mac cheese bake
ZandraC             1               chicken salad
JerryW/PatF          2                chicken enchiladas
JimW                    1                 thai food
JohnE                    2                german potato salad kielbasa
JoeD/Connie        2             tbd
MarkP                     1                  chips a/o soda
PatrickW              2              tbd
MikeC                      2              tbd & jelly bellies
Russel/Diane         2                   sweet
DoraD                      1-2            dessert
EdgarO                 1                    chicken
ArdianL                 2               tbd
BillC                      2               tbd
BobB                      1-2               tbd

00:00.000 170508 KZSB radio intro w Baron, [see attached 46min audio file from Sunday 170514 replay 3pm]

00:15.456 Star Wars theme music; B-intro's: TomT-refreshments, JerryW-Prez, TomW-news, phone: BruceM, prez of organ society; & in Indiana, ChuckMcP-outreach, Pat, (nephew Daniel Cassidy graduating UI), B-Chuck give outreach like your face we had on the screen [by MikeF] at the May meeting? CM-June 2 potluck, 3rd Fri Westmont, Telescope Workshops on Tues; TimC sends out communications; ColinT treasury report;  "I would not join a club that would have me"-Mark Twain; Groucho-smuggler.  Baron-lenses?  TomW-mirrors; MikeC 14" porthole glass, B-smear w/ metal? JW-vacuum deposition of aluminum; TomW- Bob Fees up in bay area.  B-grinding?  JW-silicon carbide, used to be sand between stones; JW-hogged out using diamond grinding wheel. B-Hubble problems? Bruce-final shape was bad. B-lasers? JW-laser interferometry.  Celestron, Meade, TeleVue, A-P.  JW-webcams on telescopes.  Tony Galvan-used camera wo telescope (worked at NCAR, nat center atmos res).  ArtH 12"? lens + mirror  JW-  TT-ArtH to sell, RTMC, JW-generally half off.  KZSB names TT,CM,JW.

14:42.090 Star Wars music; BW-lives in IV; TomW-NY Times Science Tuesday:  Stamp to commemorate Total Solar Eclipse Aug 21, touch to change sun to moon, temp sensitive ink; TT-back of sheet of stamps shows eclipse path; TT-hope it is a "forever" stamp; Monday, Aug 21, Tele outreaches CM-see pigeons early summer eves;
TomW-NYT: building blocks from Mars soil, using pressure to make red bricks wo a kiln.  stronger than steel reinforced concrete; TT-moon dust 3D printer; JW-grains fuse TomW-squeezed out creatures, called Lunatics, JW-unfortunately they made it to earth, and all named Pat [PM-"I heard that"]; B-only a couple of years for rovers?  CM-90 days originally.  Curiousity, Opportunity still work on Mars.  B-wheel dragging, found something? JW-salt, but at pole water was found.  B-caves on Mars? JW-lava tubes found; B-Mars show showed that.  TomW-Mars bars. B-May meeting open mic, one speaker did not show? JW-Karl Blasius coming up in a few months on latest mars rover info.

23:57.091  Star Wars music: B-organizing a topic is not normal for this group.  TomW-gets NYT by 5am. B-google news does same.  TW-Cassini deep dives btw Saturn and rings.  21 more dives, Sept 15 is final plunge into the planet.  JW-do not want to contaminate moons. B-Titan had parachute ride down w/ Hyguens probe dropped by Cassini. Need to put on Planetarium dome. or Pat & Chuck dancing. CM-nothingess found, few hits on satellite.  B-Juno going around Jupiter? JW-not sure of death date, but big elliptical orbits CM-maybe 2 yr mission.  B-why radiation around Jupiter? JW-captures ionizing particles B-like earth JW-van allen belts.  TT-what particles are they? Nuclear? JW-Nu-cle-ar. BM-particles from sun.  JW-determining gravity fields around Jupiter.  BM-bulging at equator.  JW-we dumped a satellite into Jupiter before.  B-Voyager did pass bys of Jupiter before? Passengers movie swung spacecraft around a star, 40 sec, B-another break, back w/ AU hour

32:24.029 B-Star Wars! will the franchise ever end? Intro CM,BM, TT-United Meth church organ heard last Sat SBCC, "double double boil and trouble" sang in church! TomW-Cepheid variable stars Westmont 24" scope used, use model for pulsation.  CM-Polaris is one, hard to get distance? TomW-Yes.  TW-study ones with a few tenths of magnitude.  JW-satellites use star patterns to orientate, but one time a star disappeared because it was a variable, and the satellite had to be reprogrammed.  TW-first stars to extend the distance ladder.  JW-one found in Andromeda galaxy, and helped to get distance to it, inverse square law, and proved it to be outside of our galaxy.  Hubble did that. TT-Henrietta Levitt?  JW-she did study on the Cepheid variables.  B-not changing mass?  TW-color and temperature.  B-event horizons coming up by JW.

40:58.288 B-SBAU had an interesting round robin of talks at the meeting.  BM said that "there are more black holes in the universe than stars" possibly dark matter.  JW-talked about telescope the size of the earth of radio telescopes at extremes of the earth.  Took exposure over 5 days, looking for high resolution of the black hole at center of Milky Way and core of M81 galaxy (Bodes), perhaps to view the event horizon.  Parsec=3.26 light years.  B-parallax involved?  JW-right.  TT-frequency of light used?  JW-millimeters, can be influenced by water in atmosphere.  B-your article in newsletter JW-on telescope making.  BM-tomorrow night telescope workshop.  TomW-Nat geo program on Einstein is good.
46:17.106 end

170410 KZSB SBAU radio show quick sloppy notes:
(see attached radio audio file to click on or download to play)

00:00.000 approx. 840am, pre-show talk: B-trying to think of songs w/ girls names, and Texas has several. JerryW in, TomT not, B-SBAU next May meeting, AdrianL looking for members to talk?  B-signed up to ask Q's. Save me for afterwards? signed up to bring food to meeting.  JW-several members want to speak, 2 open w/ May speaker skipping till August. 

03:12.240 B-(talk w/ Donny) Felt guilty so bringing potluck food hot dogs or chips/dip to SBAU potluck next time.
03:47.679 B-waiting for capt. Breadbaker coming in? TomT has cold, maybe star party?
04:12.430 B-Full moon, sat night.  Aug 21, Total Solar eclipse coming up. nw to se. CM-72% covered in SB.
05:02.353 KZSB names. looney tunes. B-Bruce, did you set up telescope in driveway? yes 40ft from Chuck. JW yours there? no.  B-assignments? CM-used to give out handouts; students sometimes get extra credit.  JW-sometimes folks as for things; easy GoTo system on mount. BM-will do a tour w/ folks. B-color on Chucks? CMcP-Orion nebula in sword.

08:22.046 ~905am SBAU show start: music: Where are you little star?  B-three here, one on phone, missing TomW, TomT; BruceM on phone, sits up front at meetings. 1st Fri, then 2nd Sat.  JW and CMcP outreaches so much, he could not make last Friday general meeting, since he was outreaching.  CM-El Cap, under tarp in rain showing rocks. B-BruceM take telescopes out? Bruce almost all.  Places: CM-Carp St. Beach, Refugio, Cachuma, Bacara...   B-Camino Real Market, very bright  BM-do it for the bright moon or venus.  CM-1st qrt moon. BM-caters illum from side, some sense of depth. B-cannot see stuff on moon w/ biggest telescope? JW-not big enough, tele not big enuf.  CM-LRO pics on moon can now see footprints; by NASA.  BM-from earth of Apollo stuff would need 2mi across mirror. JW-30M tele. B-golden age of astronomy, every week something new.  CM-chem sees electrons.  B-Club telescope aspect; giveaways of telescopes?  JW-bought or donated, usu. a  raffle to giveaway.  Also, AU has scopes you can use 12".  B-in club are SBCC Erin Oconnor, CM-Sean Kelly, gave a talk. B-Sean Space Elevators talk last friday.  Carbon nanotubes.  JW-showed video of manuf, single layer flat hexagonal, rolled in tubes, strongest material.  B-Arthur C. Clarke came up w/ elevator, climbs cable.  JW-23K miles long. I'm calibrated in old english system. B-confusing to convert temps? JW-F,C,K  BM-metric system is nice, no conversion factors for MKS needed. B-which came first? BM-English system. Cubits?  866-564-1290, streaming on newspress.com.

19:00.222 all rise, monkey has learned how to use a bone 2001 music; psychotic red lens talking to astronauts; B-Jim Salser invited me to Oxnard rock event, bringing Led Zepellin, got to talk real low using Strauss to intro group.  Bruce-Pres Arlington Theatre Organ Society, 4 man, 27 rank.  Hal Conklin on board, running for mayor.  Anyone can play organ.  B-any office of AU?  BM-no, but 127 outreaches last year. B-was unfamiliar w/ outreach before joining SBAU.  CM-was computer nerd. JW-SBRC. Some folks snuck signatures on spacecraft components.  1998 Raytheon bought all of SBRC - Hughes, changed name to Direct TV.  B-Delco? JW-part of GM, Hughes was part of GM.  BM-when Hughes was taking over GM, but salaried union was upset.  JW-Hughes in 1957. started w/ Hughes research 1969, building Ranger to land on moon, it is said Hughes called to freeze the design as it worked adequately, not what engineers like to do.  B-today Nasa, Musk, Bezos.  getting boosters back.  Rockets landing engines first. JW-like old scifi stories. Companies work w/ UCSB, some call area Silicon Beach.  B-does Univ have Obs of own?  CM-Sedgwick. BM-robotic telescope.  B-ticks me off, DJs can run by laptop computer vs playing records directly.  B-did JW hit retirement age? JW-retired to avoid 10% loss in pay.  CM-worked for little co. CompTech bought by Northup Gruman.  Met Pat? 1988  BM-Delco 37 years, EE, all interesting.  Reliability 14K ft of water instrument built 1972, still working, they cannot kill it.  music...Ricard Strauss Thus spoke Zarathustra

30:34.509 "dah dah dum..., why havent i found you, oh baby, i tell every little star..." B-best star? CM-Alberio, BM-eye of swan.  B-half of stars are double? CM-or triples. BM-Alberio stars 4700AU apart, 100K yr orbit.  B-all doubles viewable?  Cub scout star JW-UCLA star.  CM-sometimes spectroscopic means needed to see.  B-name some? Alpha Centauri, Eta Carina, Regulus, Sirius, BM-some vary Mizar/Algol.  B-possible planets orbiting both stars at same time?  CM-yes, both ways. JW-planets orbit sun. BM-Jupiter moves Sun almost its diameter.  B-bigger stars far out from star? JW-giant gas planets are being found first as exoplanets near star, Hot Jupiters.  B-saw on youtube, fast stars going around black hole in Milky Way, some binary, occasionally, binary could lose one to black hole?  CM-could be three body interaction.  JW-yes possible.  CM-Globular Cluster have interactions like that, as stars get thrown off.  B-MW has? CM-about 150 Globs.  B-why not collapse?  CM-energy flying around, no organized pattern.  B-if collide?  CM-maybe a Blue Straggler forms.  B-2001, add mass to Jupiter, it would become a sun?  JW-yes, Jupiter radiates infrared heat. B-Io heat? CM-tidal force heating.  BM-many models of Callisto, layers of ice and salt water.  B-life replication? CM-not sure of initial chemistry, RNA maybe.  CM-polycyclichydrocarbons  B-maybe we can go speed of light, stars fly by in scifi, CM-dont bump into one.

44:01.299  music: "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day...my girl". B-so much to talk about, if geology show CM-talk about rocks and exoplanets.  B-next meeting, JW-guest had conflict, moved his talk to August.  JW-hard to fit in small talks before a major one.  making it a member's night, 3-4 talks.  Adrian coordinating, 2 openings.  B-i might have been first, but dont put me in if others apply, just wanted to ask questions.  Exoplanets, odds of catch planets on the ecliptic?  CM-transits; need several crossings to be sure. planets are like ants out there.  JW-few %, just random. CM-0.5% chance of edge on catching planet around a star; also grav lensing, testament to how smart people are.  BM-People thot that other solar systems would be like ours, but a lot of planets have short orbit times JW-those were picked up first. BM-but some thought it was just noise in signal. B-big teles? BM-just a camera. JW-spacecraft ones best. B-all stars systems disks?  CM-less likely, but can happen.  BM-pluto  CM-Oort cloud of outer items.  B-small galaxies merging w/ MW?  JW-some limping away after merging.  music: guitar twanging

50:47.999  music:  weird noise to old astro music  B-what is up?  CM-Westmont outreach this Friday. 29th is Astro day at Camino Real Marketplace. mirror making, some goodies. all day, stars at night. prizes. B-rulers?  B-fascination of so many things.  JW-sometimes we do not know the answer.  new knowledge, like relativity course as an undergraduate, takes time to understand.  B-multiverse, cannot be known? Q's from folks. CM-They grade on a curve, because it is all relative.  BM-article said real universe is 10 to 23rd larger than we can see.  Everyone has Univ around thme of 18B light years.  CM-13Blt yr radius. CM-  sbau.org  telescope tuesday.   music: astro still playing in background into news! 
55:45.148 end

I heard Jerry, SBAU President, had sent you a reply already on this, but here and attached are some Celestron info in case his recommendations on eyepiece placement distance did not work (you are using a diagonal with the eyepiece, correct?).
Chuck McPartlin and I tried to help you set up your scope at his driveway, a while back.

If you still need help, please feel free to email me at tomcez @ gmail.com or call at 562-8795. Tom Totton

From the Celestron EdgeHD Series manual for OTA's (see attached file) this is the part about focusing and locking the clutches, so read it carefully.

Your telescope's focusing mechanism controls the primary mirror which is mounted on a ring
that slides back and forth on the primary baffle tube. The focusing knob, which moves the
primary mirror, is on the rear cell of the telescope just below the star diagonal and eyepiece.
Turn the focusing knob until the image is sharp. If the knob will not turn, it has reached the
end of its travel on the focusing mechanism. Turn the knob in the opposite direction until the
image is sharp. Once an image is in focus, turn the knob clockwise to focus on a closer object
and counterclockwise for a more distant object. A single turn of the focusing knob moves the
primary mirror only slightly. Therefore, it will take many turns (about 30) to go from close
focus to infinity.
For astronomical viewing, out of focus star images are very diffuse, making them difficult to
see. If you turn the focus knob too quickly, you can go right through focus without seeing the
image. To avoid this problem, your first astronomical target should be a bright object (like
the Moon or a planet) so that the image is visible even when out of focus. Critical focusing is
best accomplished when the focusing knob is turned in such a manner that the mirror moves
against the pull of gravity. In doing so, any mirror shift is minimized. For astronomical
observing, both visually and photographically, this is done by turning the focus knob
Mirror Support Clutches
The EdgeHD Optical tube is equipped with mirror tension
clutches to help support and minimize lateral movement of
the primary mirror during astrophotography.
To use the mirror clutches:
1. Use the focus knob to adjust the primary mirror
to the desired focus.
2. Once in focus, turn the two mirror lock knobs
clockwise until both are very tight and can be
turned no further.
Warning! Once the mirror is locked down, do not turn
the focuser knob without loosening the mirror locks first
Although turning the focus knob should not damage the
telescope, undue stress can be placed on the focus mechanisms causing excessive image shift while focusing."

170327 KZSB SBAU radio show 4th Monday, from 9am Sunday 3pm repeat. Baron Ron Herron, Jerry Wilson, Tom Whittemore, Chuck McPartlin.   click on attached file for audio playback.

far from perfect notes:
00:15.642 song: "calm and cloudless night...Galileo used his telescope for the very first time" JerryW, ChuckMcP, TomT not here, should take Yamaha w/ wife on back, he is at high desert.  1st Friday of month AU has speaker, Jupiter 5AU, occultation, Baron-Q's about Sun today, Sean Kelly meeting, Q's during talk?  TomW not seated, Dr. Whittemore, Mcp is backbone of club, Chuck-more like rear end. B-Many outreaches, dont need Totton, kids like space. B-Sun, mostly H, JW-ball of plasma B-one of 4 states of matter, all of this H, in our Sun, 800,000 miles across, 100xEarth diameter. TW-fusion just in core.  B-light we see came from inside. JW-some from surface, electron fall in levels as plasma cools.  B-Sun fusing for 4.5Billion years, CM-3rd generation star B-begin of univ was all H CM-+He, CM-all protons in center, so need pressure to jam protons together to fusion.  TomW-random walk of gamma rays JW-drunkard finding his car.  JW-neutrinos go straight out from the core. B-all this stuff from the Sun may hit our DNA. JW-usually not good mutation.  CM-like throwing piece of metal into car engine.  "Galileo saw craters on the moon..."

14:08.078 Holst, Saturn music.  B-where Cassini probe has been CM-14yrs.  B-power from nuclear RTG. JW-launched over unpopulated areas usually. except for North Korea. Russia over unpop land.  CM-text Q from Tim Crawford, why gamma rays turn into visible light. JW-Sun emits wide range.  Dwarf star G2 is Sun, altho bigger than most stars.  JW-heat is produced by absorption of light and emitted as infrared[?].  B-flares? JW-CME corona mass ejection, throws particles. CM-mag field lines reconnect gives flares. TW-mag field has a source and entry, and out and an in, in on the North, out on the South. JW-  CM-Sun is a fluid ball B-Sun reverses? JW-all the time, mag field lines flip TW-differential rotation on the Sun, 27 days at equator, 36 days at poles of sun, causes mag fields. B-solar wind, we are protected by our Mag field, solar wind affected by Sun mag field?  JW-sun mag field lines split during flares. CM-mag fields extend far out from Sun also, carrying things.  B-Mars? JW-does not have dynamo, metal works well.  TW-Zyman effect of mag field, earth about 1/2 Gauss. 

25:40.959 Holst, Venus...B-all the planets are asleep with this music.  TomW-Jupiter is wild. worked at Lockheed, solar group, missions on sounding rockets measuring solar corona.  CM-possibly micro flares.  JW-very low density. TW-13 electrons ripped from iron, so hot plasma.  JW-leaving electrons behind like luggage.  B-gold particles from Sun?  CM-cosmic rays maybe heavy stuff.  B-neutrinos at speed of light, not stopped.  CM-can go thru 14 miles of lead before stopping.  JW-earth is transparent to them.  but neutrinos changed types between sun and earth.  B-dangerous?  JW-neutrinos postulated by Fermi that are not detectable.  CM-detecting neutrinos now, give warning of a supernova happening.  B-light tsunami.  heavy elements seem grouped together.  JW-earth lumps them together. B-Totton, he's not listening, probably in middle of cactus garden in Palm Springs.

32:40.183 Jean Luc Ponty music.  B-jW sent email about not being able to describe the Big Bang, but some do? JW-singularity, could have been spread over large area in other dimensions, TW-brane.  JW-like shower of sparks from metal colliding.  B-discovering Dark Matter not counteracting?  CM-more Dark Energy forcing things apart.  Dark means we do not know.  JW-may be property of spacetime itself.  B-may come back together?  JW-big crunch  CM-gnab gib, big bang backwards.  B-supernova like?  JW-our sun will not slam together and bounce back like that.  only white dwarf.  B-Helium has 2 protons, 2 neutrons, why fuse to Carbon, not elements inbetween?  TW-short lives of those elements. B-who knows this stuff? TW-quantum cowboys.

39:31.057  star trek Enterprise Tv show theme music "it's been a long time..." B-the Bare Naked Ladies did Big Bang Theory tv music.  B-April 7 Sean Kelly will do talk on space elevators, started by Arthur C. Clarke JW-also sync satellites B-22K miles above.  Asia has also? JW-yes, ring around the earth.  B-need spider web material for elevator string?  JW-stronger than spider silk.  B-carbon?  JW-single sheet of graphene is strongest, maybe rolled into a tube and many tubes together.  B-lots of weight, how far out?  CM-23K miles.  JW-theoretically possible.  B-not a rocket up?  FAA rules on planes to not hit cable?  B-know anything about Sean talk?  CM-probably a rope and someone to volunteer...  B-movie Gravity, toss ball to earth, it will go down?  JW-depends how you throw it, hard enuf, like 17,500mph, it should drop straight down.  B-last 30s, invite folks to join.  CM-1st Fri april 7, 7pm, web page sbau.org, 2nd Saturday star party telescopes.

170313 SBAU hour on KZSB 1290am radio quick notes--see attached audio file for playback
00:00.000 Baron most news
00:06.885 it's 3am [this is the Sunday 3am show repeat after the 2nd Monday]

00:22.264 Holst Mercury in honor of TomW, searching stars for permanent theme.  ChuckMcP, JerryW, TomT, wife's first names are Pat; BruceM, not going to solar eclipse due to lack of housing.  TT-refreshments. B-sitting on rocks at SBMNH not that great for star parties. JW-I bring my own.  Outreaches Chuck leading, TT-4 days a week, B-Camino real marketplace is bright, CM-but can see moon, double stars, Jupiter.  B-Proxima Centauri closest?  B-what is Trappist-1 star?  CM-named after Belgian beer monks.  TT-Budweiser planning to make beer on Mars.  CM-marketing is key word.  B-Vodka on Mars?  Potatoes growing? 564-1290

09:31.143  Mars Holst.  B-SBAU known by other names CM-SB Star Cluster. B-amazing stuff going on, new telescope named Webb CM-NASA administrator B-infrared on this one CM-1M miles out Lagrange point (L2) B-what is night vision goggles? JW-can be infrared or visible light BM-amplification. signal picked up by multiple earth satellites. B-CM planetarium show 20 min, Milky Way all the way around us, CM-thick toward center, B-radio look thru gas? CM-and infrared. JW-everytime a new wavelength, you see something new.  First infrared satellites data was classified secret by Air Force. B-galaxies expanding away will be seen by this Webb.  What about nearby galaxies?  CM-no problem.  JW-Local group with M31 possible blue shift coming towards us.  B-TomW, what are you teaching right now.  Analog computer building using 741 chips. BM-did moon simulation years ago with analog computer.  TW-simulation of arms race using circuits, linear; parameters indicate fear, goodwill equations.  Coupled oscillators, 2nd order diff eq, like pendulums attached to each other.  Can use computer simulation, Data Studio, for labs at Westmont.  B-lecture at lab?  TW-yes, post ideas for students, like Pi day (March 14, 3.14).  Raindrop simulation.  Ardino modules.  B-using batteries that burn up? TT-Lithium ion.  CM-very dense power. TT-80% of batteries chargers for cell phones may be counterfeit.

21:46.627  Holst Jupiter B-getting physics lecture from TomW, like UCSB prof [Blaes] talking about black holes, got flapping arms as gravitational waves.  TomW-students off this week, so trying to get Andrew to use op amps to simulate.  lecture is going to be about math, which TW loves.  B-Pi never repeats, CM-transcendental number.  B-story of Pi? kid on lifeboat with tiger. what a movie!  B-unsung wifes support you so well, do they enjoy talking shop with you?  CM-occasionally.  B-any single ladies interested?  Saw a lot of SBCC students, some asian, who have to pay a lot, one switched to astronomy from business.  JW-engineering firms hire them for math computer ability.  TT-also wall street Quants.  B-is there a whole generation getting into astro?  BM-one student said first time he had looked thru a telescope.  B-cameras on telescopes TT-CM uses time exposure; CM-showing spotted socks, called Poe a dot, MaxN also wears funny socks. BM-just had open console Theater organ last Sat.

31:34.093 Valkner music, Ride of the Valkyries.  B-Dr. Whittemore, NYTimes article on SN1987A, sequence of pics of shockwave extending out.  Missing a pulsar in middle. B-have to be close to see straight beams, so curved spirals? JW-spiral formed by spin. B-most galaxies are spiral? B-but also fuzzy galaxies? BM-galaxies outer speed same as inner area. B-how can we look back in time?  BM-no center in universe.  TT-B you are center of the universe. JW-traffic jam on S curve, is simulation of spiral galaxy arms, cars stop, then others back up, then go again.  JW-Goldilocks zone for galaxy as well.  B-galaxies have black holes, JW-some do not, other black holes? BM-read that more black holes than stars and planets!

39:34.848 Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis by Ralph Vaughan Williams.  Richard Dupree, I am shy, so since you are off the air, you have listeners. B-what, we are not on?  BM-have Celestron C8 telescopes. TT-have tried camera.  CM-red stars are Carbon stars.  JW-cameras can bring out the colors; a few people can see that thru telescope.  B-arms in galaxy, tens of thousands between arms?  CM-thousands.  B-what is white dwarf? CM-eletrons degeneracy holding up star surface, very compressed.  BM-look at M57, ring nebula, planetary nebula.  JW-our star has solar wind, so perhaps planets will float farther away due to mass loss.  B-30s: CM-Westmont Friday, JW-telescope workshop Tuesday night.  1st Fridays.
46:11.600 end

170227 KZSB SBAU radio show cryptic notes, download attached audio file for playback.

00:00.000 Roll over Beethoven, Janet surgery, TT used classifieds to find spouse, Baron, TomT, JerryW Std model new particles, low temp condensed matter physicists for JW, TW, Trappist-1 planets vs space size 40 light years away.  AU hour for everyone.
03:37.710 gettin higher, Donny taking money out of the safe, AU guys, traffic smoothly, fire above Turnpike, M8RX bar Wed, 10 4min talks. Donny ringing bells, food by Tinkers.
06:00.467 Bill Paxton Aliens movie, died.
06:30.467 beginning of universe  discussion.

11:20.159 "human nature to be afraid of the unknown"... B-welcome to AU hour; intros, Trappist-1 planets, dwarf red star, 7 names from Snow White; seen from earth, JW-10% of stars have plane of planets we can detect; CM-people thot it would be a waste of time to try to look for planets around other stars.  JW-close in Jupiter types are too hot.  CM-potentially all of Trappist-1 seven planets could have life.  B-are all planets on an ecliptic?  CM-on a plane, JW-because condensed from a disk. B-our ninth planet on the ecliptic? CM-highly inclined. JW-need energy loss to capture a planet from outside the original disk; TW-classes cover this, kids bring up news from the web; CM-Trappist monks make beer in Belgium.  Telescope in Chile 24".  [Kepler 55"] TW-Aquarius behind Sun this time of year.  CM- no benefits to being an AU member.  "Galileo"

21:58.336 "Galileo" AoTSB, Wed, TT ten talks; Friday AU meet; La la land comments; Richard Dupree we are in Aquarius Feb 14- Mar14, entered 16 yrs ago, due to precession TW-wobbling earth, 26K yrs; RD-can we see Trappist red dwarf star, no because of position near Sun right now. JW- possibly years of work before this 7 planet announcemnet; TW-if Sun basketball, Trappist sun would be a golf ball.  B-on E-M spectrum RBG, TW-star dominated by infrared end of spectrum.  TW- Times said red dwarf star may only look as bright as our Moon to these planets. B-all stars similar to our solar system? CM-probably a lot of life out there.  JW-an organization of matter.  M8RX, AU talks, Janet up and walking. "Al demeola jazz"

31:18.733 5th Dimension, "Age of Aquarius", B-precession? CM-throws out astrology; discuss, TT-"horoscope" meaning? TW-clock. JW-ancient times did not have Star Trek, so thot they were looking into Heavens.  TW-planets passing thru zodiac.  B-Orion's stars in belt moving? CM-can see proper motion with a telescope.  Barnard's star can be seen.  B-people naming stars like Tabby's/ CM-Nasa folks gives names to things, meteorite on Mars called SpongeBob SquarePants.  Spirit shut down, but Opportunity arthritic, Curiousity working. B-Juno mission still going CM-still in wide orbit due to sticking engine valves JW-radiation belts around Jupiter like van Allen belts around earth.  B-N pole positive? TW-North magnetic pole (actually is south based on field line directions) JW-not like protons electrons, only that similar ones repel each other.  B-anti-matter? 

41:19.241 "fall into a Black Hole" Aug 21 total solar eclipse, B-lear jet to track eclipse? Pres desk Q of month: why does not star fly apart as it forms from rotating disk that spins faster?  JW-moment arm of angular momentum (distance of mass from center) as disk collapses, star rotation speeds up.  a contradiction.  B-stars around black hole of galaxy going faster as they get closer.  TT-energy lost by sun growing north/south? CM-viscosity effect heat of mag fields?  JW- Rigel spinning fast and bulges.  plasma is a fluid.  TW-Sun spins in one month CM-on average JW-mag field lines twist up and snap, sunspot cycles. charged plasma dragged.  B-northern lights? CM-charged particles from Sun spin around mag field lines.  JW-electron is a sink of an electric field, mag field around its path, not into the electron.  N-S of iron magnet. ceramic magnets also.  TW-will screw up credit card. "star of gas"

50:06.055 "star of gas" CM-thermonuclear fusion song.  B-7 min left, 200 person club? TT-160.  probably no trip.  B-trip to Griffith last year.  Ibrahim poet, looking for City poet.  Wednesday, AoTSB, M8RX bar, 409 State. TT-good fun review of astronomy.  Charlotte Mason, talk Friday for AU, galaxy evolution.  B-Vegas has big screens nowadays.  CM-calendar of outreach review.  B-30min setup ea time, get sick and tired of doing? CM-no, it is fun!  B-sky looks b/w  CM-camera picks up color.  B-Trappist planets, how do you see? JW-moving planets.  B-did Arrival win? TT-screenplay? B-Contact Jodi Foster, can not show alien creature? JW-UFO folks have all sorts of clear representations. CM-leave something for imagination.  B-bipedal creatures? CM-redundancy is good.  "cloudless night..."
57:28.349 end of AU show

170213 KZSB SBAU radio show hosted by Baron, Ron Herron,  see attached audio file to download and play back:

Sloppy notes:
00:00.000 TomT in; Supremes music; TT impressed w/ lack of problems on crowded highway; B-telescope society? TT-AU, B-ParSec, JerryW entering, =parallax angle of one arcsecond

02:52.761  Earth-Sky NASA Aug 2012 launched mission studing Van Allen Belts, two doughnut shaped rings, radiation belts, twin spacecraft will sample area, Donny Vegas
04:45.403 Donny pool playing, JW voice recording for promo; B-Sat meeting, JW-Admin, TT-planning; B-trip anywhere?  JW-maybe not this year; TT-Allosphere at UCSB? ChuckM-30 foot sphere, like Star Trek Holodeck;
07:10.252 scary space news, first daily donald trump news 
07:34.201 I feel good; B-4 movers/shakers of club; TomW teaching lab on E-M for Life Science students, Pre-Meds; B-electricity/gravity questions later;

09:58.223 Chuck kazoo music, star of gas; B-pizza; AU unit, bigger group called the Parsec unit, intro's; JW-member of LA astro group at Griffity Obs B-where they danced into the sky; CM-credits to galaxy photo in background.  B-SBAU went down there last August, very crowded.  B-tells us schedule of events...TT-Westmont 3rd Friday, but looks to be a rainout. B-what goes on there?  TomW-teach at Winter Hall, bio, physics, psych, computer sci; teach labs, circuits.  TW-wanted JerryW to come out, but JW going to France.  JW taught before at UCLA, doctorate Condensed Matter Physics.  Chuck, stand up comedian.  TT-I can do up to 3rd grade.  B-i check out Google and Youtube info, latest space; CM-talk Feb 22 Lars Bilsten, helioseismology, at SBMNH.  Black Hole music.

19:20.771 Black Hole music...traffic announcement re: Turnpike. B-big eclipse, Aug 21, partial in California. JW-Oregon, taking solar telescope for viewing before the eclipse, near Salem.  TW-eastern Oregon or Wyoming. TT-any science during the solar eclipse? JW-Corona, CM-solar size variation. TW-Lockheed labs looking at solar corona, eclipse in Philipines, combined data.  B-rest of world does not see eclipse? CM-71% in SB, events in SB at MNH, Moxi; JW-use a collander for many eclipses at once. B-space station saw a black shadow on earth.  CM-just moon shadow. JW-may have been a conspiracy website.  B-What is Nibiru? giant planet past pluto? Planet Nine.  B-sun, just hydrogen?  but 90 other elements in Sun.  CM-star barf.  B-but where in Sun? JW-just trace elements. CM-H,He,Li,Be at Big Bang.  B-planets at that point? CM-gas planets.  TW-elements shown in spectrum emission lines.  B-what is surface at sun, fusion?  CM-layers. B- after 100K years, photons at surface.  Corona 1M degrees, but tenuous.   discuss element formation in stars.  fusion vs. fission.  TW-"gone fission". Star Trek Enterprise music: not gonna hold me down, got faith of the heart"

32:55.690 Star Trek Enterprise music: not gonna hold me down, got faith of the heart"  B-CM on drugs when picking the songs?  B-told in school, stars just Hydrogen.  hydrocarbons. B-Titan, moon of Saturn, is fog covered in this stuff.  talk at Farrand by [Mike Malaska JPL]. JW- human powered wings would work in thicker atmosphere and less gravity. But very cold, 70K.  Degrees discussion. C, F, K, not metric.  300K in room.  B-surface of Titan, liquid hydrocarbons? JW-Yes.  B-Hydrogen can be liquified? JW-Yes, but not on Titan. B-solids burn? JW-wood, Na, Cs, Mg.  CM-62 moons of Saturn. JW-some in rings. CM-some retrograde, highly tilted orbits.  CM-PHobos, Deimos of Mars thot to be collisional objects.  jazz

41:42.893 "it was a calm and cloudless night...1609 Galileo" CM-Astrocapella. B-something pushing on galaxy?  JW-great repulsor, objects tend to move away, a dipole field, maybe a huge black hole.  see: http://www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2017/02/04/ask-ethan-if-gravity-attracts-how-can-the-dipole-repeller-push-the-milky-way/#45198d144ed4  B-are not all galaxies moving apart? TT-clusters of galaxies JW-in zone of exclusion.  CM-local group TT-local neighborhood of galaxies.  CM-motions like eddys in a creek going different directions.  JW-universe like foam with empty bubbles.  B-like a filament? JW-Yes.  we can see 13.5B LY.  CM-everywhere is the center of the univers. TT-is this due to some Quantum Mechanic out there?  JW-quantum mechanics music: "Copernicus was right...telescope w me, on the shoulders of giants"

48:13.505 music: star of gas.  B-to join a group like the AU, is to see nighttime stuff.  Venus, is it closest planet? CM-yes.  Mars second.  CM-Kuiper is disk of stuff, Oort is a cloud.  Venus in evening.  JW-best to see Venus crescent in early evening.  CM-eclipse sun every 110 years.  B-planets not on same plane? CM-all vary.  B-Uranus turned sideways? cM-Yes.  Pluto comes closer than Neptune, in ecliptic?  CM-no, very tilted. B-Planet Nine. JW-they need to know distance or mass to find it.  B-dwarf planet? CM-spherical JW-and not cleared its orbit.  B-3? CM-5, but not Sedna. B-Voyagers off course? CM-an anomoly velocity caused by infrared pressure.  Arrival movie, Heptapods.  Feb 22 LCO talk at Museum.  56:01.497 end

Club Miscellaneous / 170130 SBAU member Mike Jogoleff’s obituary
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>     Hello Chuck & Jerry,
>     Here is SBAU member Mike Jogoleff’s obituary as it appeared in Friday’s News Press...
>     http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newspress/obituary.aspx?n=michael-p-jogoleff&pid=183733793&fhid=17760   
>     Might be nice to acknowledge Mike’s longtime membership in the club at our Feb. meeting, going back to the SB Astronomy Club’s days before they merged with the AU in the 1990’s.   
>     Bob Brown

Tom Cez <tomcez@
February 1, 2017 1:17 PM
to President, outreach, mike1, rubenalvag, bcc: me
Here are a couple of photos of Mike Jogoleff from Flickr:
side view: https://www.flickr.com/photos/27241501@N03/8280608915/
Mike Farris may have some better shots when he was taking photos up front.
Do we need an obituary page for SBAU.ORG?  I will post into the SBAU Forum under "Club Miscellaneous".

Michael P. Jogoleff
Guest Book

    "had many a trough with Mike, Dennis, and JoAnn....God Bless..."
    - Tony Tiger

View Sign

March 24, 1946 to January 7, 2017

Santa Barbara native Michael "Jug" Jogoleff, 69, passed away January 7, 2017 after a courageous battle with cancer.

Michael was born at the Old Cottage Hospital. His mother Celeste, and Aunt Dorothy moved to his lifelong home in Santa Barbara in 1950. He attended Dolores Catholic elementary and Bishop Diego High school. After high school, Michael's thirst for knowledge was not quenched. Michael also studied with: the University of New Mexico; University of Portland; Thunderbird School of Global Management; Santa Barbara City College. He earned both Bachelors and Masters Degrees from these Institutions.

Michael's passion in life was Amateur HAM radio. WA6MBZ "Jug" had his fingerprints on decades of engineering and technical support within the Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club.

He served for a time on the Board of Directors of this great organization. Michael also mentored the youth of Santa Barbara in Ham Radio techniques and history.

Michael was also very involved in his church; Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Community. He prepared, and helped serve meals to the needy, and homeless. He also helped with many special events within the Parish.

Michael was a member of many organizations in Santa Barbara. Among them were: The Audubon Society; the University Club; The local Astronomy Club; Lifetime Member of the NRA, and the Bungalow Association. Michael organized a neighborhood block party with the close-knit friends on Panchita Place 14 years ago; that continues today.

Michael will be greatly missed by boyhood friend and neighbor; his Buddy, Joe. From all the adventures in the hills, looking for a little bit better signal, to the many trips back and forth to the hospital; Joe was always there.

Mrs. J. and Mike's family will be forever grateful to him.

Michael was preceded in death by: his mother: Celeste Reding Jogoleff; Aunt Dorothy Reding; Grandparents; Aunts; Uncles and a Cousin.

He is survived by Cousins residing in Iowa, Washington and Idaho.

Services were held at Our Lady of Sorrows on January 12, 2017. Michael was laid to rest at Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Santa Barbara, California.

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