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Author Topic: 170925 SBAU radio KZSB 1290am BaRon, JW, CM, BM, TT; Saturn Roche limit, notes  (Read 210 times)


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170925 SBAU radio KZSB 1290am BaRon, JerryW, ChuckMcP, TomT, BruceM  sloppy notes:
00:00.000 Baron-saw Mark Giles? John Denver music; ChuckMcP in studio, over anti-biotics, B still doing his. Cassini dived into Saturn, Juno circling big planet, C-deliberate orbit to avoid radiation.  B-Webb telescope segmented.  C-AU 1983 start, joined 1987
02:44.021 Earth Sky 2012 Volcanos caused cooling 1380AD, made little ice age 1600s, not change in Sun.  John Denver playing in background w/ Beatles.
04:29.239 TT in Chevy Spark, Donny re: John Palminteri ships in channel
06:53.630 music B-we will catch up on probes in space
07:14.656 music B-AM1290, only club I have joined, Key club in HS not in, but editor of paper.  Did mobile DJ for reunion.  compare JW Pres style to TT C-calm and collected B-but what is JW's.  B-photos for calendar, JW eclipse, JW-Flickr ones best.  B-Bacara changing owners, when SBAU outreaches?  C-June-Aug Thursdays.  TT-hopefully in 2018 also.  C-Sedgwick for UCLA Thurs.  B-Steve: you were member of club, breakfast club

11:36.305  music: "it was calm and cloudless night"  Galileo 1609.  B- TT singing along, JW- SBRS, CMcP-TT outreach in Wyoming, BruceM 127 outreaches last year, B-how to get into Bacara?  JW-security gate question "here for astronomy".   B-Summer start at 8pm?  CM-depends on moon, planets. B-gray haired group JW-more than one HS'er.  BM- theater organ usually 2nd Sat, SBTOS.org.  retired EE.  [JW-taking pic] B-Cassini wake, CM-13 years around Saturn.  B-slingshot around planet, seems it would whip you 180deg? JW-depends on distance from planet BM-gravity diminishes Dist squared.  CM-suck momentum out of planet.  TT-launch 1997, but how many years before in planning?  JW-many.  B-Galileo ever found out what ears of Saturn were?  CM-not likely.  TT-Kittens going around Saturn, 60 of them in outer rings, moonlets.  JW-too close to Saturn, under Roche limit [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roche_limit] JW-two objects, slightly different orbits, gravitational attract of larger object vs. coming apart CM-depends on what the object is made of; B-is Roche on that list of famous astronomers for the calendar? CM- No.  B-Mars moons, tidally locked go farther away, vs non-tidally locked?  Mercury JW-2:3 resonance? pull into Sun? CM-elliptical orbit precesses. B-T always on cell (tablet). music Gato B jazz.

21:43.533 music: "it has a been a long road, a long time, time is finaly here" Star Trek Enterprise.  TT-new Star Trek show Discovery, on CBS all-access for $$.  TT-summary of first show, lady related to Spock Father 10 yrs before original show, Klingons.  B-Cassini break up? JW-breaks up, heat vs. oxidation.  plasma [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plasma_(physics)] B-BM how many telescopes? BM-2 C8, 1-5" Maksutov.  B-talk about star parties.  Cannot see colors? CM-Red giants. Betelgeuse.  CM-1B volume of sun, so outer surface is cool.  JW-sent video of ocean levels rising over earth if all ice on earth melts.  B-flare coming our way?  JW-large solar eruption, gave nice auroras.  CM-1859 Carrington event, caused fires at telegraph terminals.  BM-Sun CME's at various angles, so only some hit earth. music: "as a spaceship flies, strong embrace of a black hole, the engine died..."

33:44.791 music: "the thriving crews not to fall into a black hole" CM-Kazoo music B-nerds never get visited by beauties.  Club very active. CM-top 3 in nation  TT-most clubs do not have radio shows. B-most action in Astro? JW-no, biology.  Tech, nano structures revolutionizing the world.  JW-possible to image an individual atom and pick it up and put it somewhere else.  Trouble for nightly news to translate to public for high ratings.  B-1T stars in Milky Way?  CM-maybe 1T solar masses.  Smallest stars 80x Jupiter.  2001 movie mass added to Jupiter to turn it into a star.  B-Kubric, studio in London for apes.  CM-ISS passing 757pm SW to NE by 803, very bright.  B-medical changes of astronauts?  Kelly brothers, CM-small amount of calcium change.  B-SpaceX docking to ISS?  JW-just for cargo, Russians do people.  TT-russian engine for Atlas 5.  BM-artificial gravity could be made for ISS.  CM-more problems than worth.  JW-must be standing on floor to feel gravity of rotating space station.  Running and jumping.  B-Passengers movie?  JW-wakes up passenger.  TT-Andy Howell of LCO, has Science vs. Cinema on YouTube, analyzes movies and ruins them for me. B-Aliens movies.  TT-like A vs Predators.  music: "I became a star of gas"

45:54.162  music: "Once I had my hydrogen gas slowly fuse to helium"  BM-Bonnie sits w BM in front at meetings, but has a detached retina, so hard to look thru telescopes.  B-what is status of Juno? CM-53 day orbit around Jupiter. radiation from trapped particles in magnetic field.  JW-Earth has Van Allen belts of radiation.  TT Q's about radiation.  B-sunspots JW-cooler areas.  B-eight minutes for light from Sun to reach us. Thousands of years from core to surface?  TT-sounds strange, but core gamma ray photon actually changes into other photons?  JW-absorbed re-emitted.  BM-photon/wave duality.  B-starts/stops on a dime!  JW-laser on moon [to push StarChip] is phased locked. BM-light amp by stim emiss of rad.  JW-Phil Lubin phase locking to prevent divergence.  B-beach tanning is a lot of beating down.  TT stops on a dime on your DNA.  Music: "Galileo 1609 saw mountains and craters on the moon, jupiter with 4 tiny moons" "got my telescope w me"  "shoulders of giants"

54:50.459 music: "beyond..."  TT-next speaker for October?  JW-not sure  B-December, just ask a couple of Q's. How much do we learn from the speakers?  CM-always something and some folks are new to club.  B-AdrianL busy w school, like a job.  JW-older folks are retired, so have time to attend.  CM-events coming up...40 UCLA students.B-see you all at the meeting.
57:39.105 end
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