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Author Topic: 170410 KZSB 2nd Mon SBAU radio show Baron, JW,CM,BM Space Elevator, binary stars  (Read 351 times)


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170410 KZSB SBAU radio show quick sloppy notes:
(see attached radio audio file to click on or download to play)

00:00.000 approx. 840am, pre-show talk: B-trying to think of songs w/ girls names, and Texas has several. JerryW in, TomT not, B-SBAU next May meeting, AdrianL looking for members to talk?  B-signed up to ask Q's. Save me for afterwards? signed up to bring food to meeting.  JW-several members want to speak, 2 open w/ May speaker skipping till August. 

03:12.240 B-(talk w/ Donny) Felt guilty so bringing potluck food hot dogs or chips/dip to SBAU potluck next time.
03:47.679 B-waiting for capt. Breadbaker coming in? TomT has cold, maybe star party?
04:12.430 B-Full moon, sat night.  Aug 21, Total Solar eclipse coming up. nw to se. CM-72% covered in SB.
05:02.353 KZSB names. looney tunes. B-Bruce, did you set up telescope in driveway? yes 40ft from Chuck. JW yours there? no.  B-assignments? CM-used to give out handouts; students sometimes get extra credit.  JW-sometimes folks as for things; easy GoTo system on mount. BM-will do a tour w/ folks. B-color on Chucks? CMcP-Orion nebula in sword.

08:22.046 ~905am SBAU show start: music: Where are you little star?  B-three here, one on phone, missing TomW, TomT; BruceM on phone, sits up front at meetings. 1st Fri, then 2nd Sat.  JW and CMcP outreaches so much, he could not make last Friday general meeting, since he was outreaching.  CM-El Cap, under tarp in rain showing rocks. B-BruceM take telescopes out? Bruce almost all.  Places: CM-Carp St. Beach, Refugio, Cachuma, Bacara...   B-Camino Real Market, very bright  BM-do it for the bright moon or venus.  CM-1st qrt moon. BM-caters illum from side, some sense of depth. B-cannot see stuff on moon w/ biggest telescope? JW-not big enough, tele not big enuf.  CM-LRO pics on moon can now see footprints; by NASA.  BM-from earth of Apollo stuff would need 2mi across mirror. JW-30M tele. B-golden age of astronomy, every week something new.  CM-chem sees electrons.  B-Club telescope aspect; giveaways of telescopes?  JW-bought or donated, usu. a  raffle to giveaway.  Also, AU has scopes you can use 12".  B-in club are SBCC Erin Oconnor, CM-Sean Kelly, gave a talk. B-Sean Space Elevators talk last friday.  Carbon nanotubes.  JW-showed video of manuf, single layer flat hexagonal, rolled in tubes, strongest material.  B-Arthur C. Clarke came up w/ elevator, climbs cable.  JW-23K miles long. I'm calibrated in old english system. B-confusing to convert temps? JW-F,C,K  BM-metric system is nice, no conversion factors for MKS needed. B-which came first? BM-English system. Cubits?  866-564-1290, streaming on newspress.com.

19:00.222 all rise, monkey has learned how to use a bone 2001 music; psychotic red lens talking to astronauts; B-Jim Salser invited me to Oxnard rock event, bringing Led Zepellin, got to talk real low using Strauss to intro group.  Bruce-Pres Arlington Theatre Organ Society, 4 man, 27 rank.  Hal Conklin on board, running for mayor.  Anyone can play organ.  B-any office of AU?  BM-no, but 127 outreaches last year. B-was unfamiliar w/ outreach before joining SBAU.  CM-was computer nerd. JW-SBRC. Some folks snuck signatures on spacecraft components.  1998 Raytheon bought all of SBRC - Hughes, changed name to Direct TV.  B-Delco? JW-part of GM, Hughes was part of GM.  BM-when Hughes was taking over GM, but salaried union was upset.  JW-Hughes in 1957. started w/ Hughes research 1969, building Ranger to land on moon, it is said Hughes called to freeze the design as it worked adequately, not what engineers like to do.  B-today Nasa, Musk, Bezos.  getting boosters back.  Rockets landing engines first. JW-like old scifi stories. Companies work w/ UCSB, some call area Silicon Beach.  B-does Univ have Obs of own?  CM-Sedgwick. BM-robotic telescope.  B-ticks me off, DJs can run by laptop computer vs playing records directly.  B-did JW hit retirement age? JW-retired to avoid 10% loss in pay.  CM-worked for little co. CompTech bought by Northup Gruman.  Met Pat? 1988  BM-Delco 37 years, EE, all interesting.  Reliability 14K ft of water instrument built 1972, still working, they cannot kill it.  music...Ricard Strauss Thus spoke Zarathustra

30:34.509 "dah dah dum..., why havent i found you, oh baby, i tell every little star..." B-best star? CM-Alberio, BM-eye of swan.  B-half of stars are double? CM-or triples. BM-Alberio stars 4700AU apart, 100K yr orbit.  B-all doubles viewable?  Cub scout star JW-UCLA star.  CM-sometimes spectroscopic means needed to see.  B-name some? Alpha Centauri, Eta Carina, Regulus, Sirius, BM-some vary Mizar/Algol.  B-possible planets orbiting both stars at same time?  CM-yes, both ways. JW-planets orbit sun. BM-Jupiter moves Sun almost its diameter.  B-bigger stars far out from star? JW-giant gas planets are being found first as exoplanets near star, Hot Jupiters.  B-saw on youtube, fast stars going around black hole in Milky Way, some binary, occasionally, binary could lose one to black hole?  CM-could be three body interaction.  JW-yes possible.  CM-Globular Cluster have interactions like that, as stars get thrown off.  B-MW has? CM-about 150 Globs.  B-why not collapse?  CM-energy flying around, no organized pattern.  B-if collide?  CM-maybe a Blue Straggler forms.  B-2001, add mass to Jupiter, it would become a sun?  JW-yes, Jupiter radiates infrared heat. B-Io heat? CM-tidal force heating.  BM-many models of Callisto, layers of ice and salt water.  B-life replication? CM-not sure of initial chemistry, RNA maybe.  CM-polycyclichydrocarbons  B-maybe we can go speed of light, stars fly by in scifi, CM-dont bump into one.

44:01.299  music: "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day...my girl". B-so much to talk about, if geology show CM-talk about rocks and exoplanets.  B-next meeting, JW-guest had conflict, moved his talk to August.  JW-hard to fit in small talks before a major one.  making it a member's night, 3-4 talks.  Adrian coordinating, 2 openings.  B-i might have been first, but dont put me in if others apply, just wanted to ask questions.  Exoplanets, odds of catch planets on the ecliptic?  CM-transits; need several crossings to be sure. planets are like ants out there.  JW-few %, just random. CM-0.5% chance of edge on catching planet around a star; also grav lensing, testament to how smart people are.  BM-People thot that other solar systems would be like ours, but a lot of planets have short orbit times JW-those were picked up first. BM-but some thought it was just noise in signal. B-big teles? BM-just a camera. JW-spacecraft ones best. B-all stars systems disks?  CM-less likely, but can happen.  BM-pluto  CM-Oort cloud of outer items.  B-small galaxies merging w/ MW?  JW-some limping away after merging.  music: guitar twanging

50:47.999  music:  weird noise to old astro music  B-what is up?  CM-Westmont outreach this Friday. 29th is Astro day at Camino Real Marketplace. mirror making, some goodies. all day, stars at night. prizes. B-rulers?  B-fascination of so many things.  JW-sometimes we do not know the answer.  new knowledge, like relativity course as an undergraduate, takes time to understand.  B-multiverse, cannot be known? Q's from folks. CM-They grade on a curve, because it is all relative.  BM-article said real universe is 10 to 23rd larger than we can see.  Everyone has Univ around thme of 18B light years.  CM-13Blt yr radius. CM-  sbau.org  telescope tuesday.   music: astro still playing in background into news! 
55:45.148 end
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