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Author Topic: 171225 KZSB SBAU radio show BaRonH JerryW PatF ChuckMcP PatMcP TomT  (Read 51 times)


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171225 KZSB SBAU radio show BaRonH JerryW PatF ChuckMcP PatMcP TomT.  Show repeated and recorded 3am Sunday Dec 31, 2017

01:29.940 music jingling bells and galileo; Ed Giron TT mentioned SkyGlow 1st Fri meet Jan 5, CM Bacara, Ed repeats 12 days of Gratitude made by Mayor and Friar;  Ron gets fruit cake from Jerry Wilson & Pat Forgerty.

10:19.040 music jingling bells, Ron opens fruit cake container.  PatF Friendship Center Chair, also Consulting: Path Forward. PatMcP merchandising manager, bookmarks, calendar. JW-AdrianL upcoming talk Summer Astro camp science, going to college next year. SBAU meeting Jan 5 Skyglow.  B-upcoming space rockets James Webb.  JW-infrared telescope, Hubble visible above atmosphere to prevent wiggle, now adaptive optics "rubber mirrors". CM-lasers sodium artificial stars.  B-data has to be converted? JW-false color can be changed.  infrared googles vs starlight amplifiers.

22:45.249 music.  Xmas AU hour Bringing in Pats.  TT-564-1290 to tell us about their new telescope.  B-stories of old xmas's.  We were poor, Lubbock Tx, wanted a big train set...got a tiny one.  As teen asked for microscope, pond scum.  Did you have telescopes before meeting husbands.  PatMcP, no, but Dad pointed out big dipper, etc. married? CM-seems like forever! CM-had a orange C8 telescope.  PMcP friend dated CM first. PM would tell folks about constellations. B-Orion 3 stars.  PatF-1st date, leaving Biltmore 4 Seasons, JW started pointing out stars.  After marriage, telescopes populating house.  music: galileo used his telescope...

32:14.652 music Gato Europa CM- B-saw CC prof on TV. SB Star Cluster started 1955. CM-other clubs, meet at expos. Two Pats married to astronomers.  B-dinner talk on astronomy or ?  B-tunnel on moon, CM-lava tube.  planetarium shows. Incoming rocks Oumuamua. phone call Peter Olmos? opinion on humans only creatures in universe looking up at stars?  CM-Yes, but not coming here to make crop circles.  JW-life is sparse and short lived CM-we work on killing ourselves.  B-supernovas CM-stat 300B stars in our galaxy w/ planets.  CM-technology may not be best for life as we work on poisoning ourselves.  JW-we may have lucked out w/ another planet hitting earth for our spin.  Carl Sagan said single cell life easier than multicellular.  B-signal from alien civilization? JW-could be pretty old.

42:12.388 music star trek its been a long road... B-life is good, i have a fruitcake.  Javier knows his stuff? CM-Yes.  Richard Dupree called How come stars have 5 pts?  B-telescopes show 4  JW-Newtonian telescopes have 4 vanes holding secondary mirror.  refractors do not have.  B-smiley face?  Gravitational lensing.  RD-man in the moon, but Japan says rabbit.  B-what is coming up TT-Skyglow
47:21 end of show minus commercials
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