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Author Topic: 180212 2nd Monday KZSB SBAU radio show Baron JW TW CM TT  (Read 17 times)


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180212 2nd Monday KZSB SBAU radio show Baron JW TW CM TT
« on: February 12, 2018, 09:53:31 PM »

180212 KZSB SBAU radio show Baron JW TW CM TT
00:00.000 B-TomT recording promo, forgot to mention 2nd/4th Monday radio shows. Brain trust wil be here.
00:52.930 Earth Sky mass of the Milky Way = 1.6T solar masses, based on speed of Leo I satellite galaxy.
02:22.817 ChuckMcP is here  200+ outreaches per year. 
03:22.794 Donnie Telsa in space, etc.  CM to record
07:43.529 Ratzo Midnight Cowboy TT everyone is a showman, Ben Ferguson, works at SB Honda.  B-had a phase "B on the Prowl" was an idea, J. Cason set on the street.

09:37.062  SBAU radio show start: music-"It was a calm and cloudless night" Summertime 1609, Galileo...2nd Monday of the month gathering to break bread...TomW bread.  TT  TomW prof at Westmont, newsletter; Pres JW, Outreach Coordinator CM.  TW-sourdough bakery in SF, 3 wheats, Central Milling, Petaluma. Teach lab Mon aft.  JW sick 4-5days.  TW-delayed start for Westmont due to fire and slides.  3rd Friday Star party at Westmont.  B-angle of Milky Way?  looking at center? CM-now, edge; summer-center.  [Q: which direction of solar system is heading around the MW?  Sun-N pole?]  JW-Australia  TT-blood rush to head.  CM-explaining MW orientation in sky.  TW-Orion belt stars on Meridian (equator?).  CM-stories good to tell at planetarium shows.  TT-CM several stories on Pleaides.  Little Dipper.  B-car into space? music-Gato

20:44.793  music-Gato Europa. B-off air conversation, no idea, dark matter, dark energy, universe getting bigger?  CM-  B-earth rushing up to meet you?  JW-earth gravity feels like in a elevator.  CM-Time may be slowing down instead of space expanding at an accelerating rate.  JW-universe, random number of universes, we have the right fundamental constants.  intriguing speculation.  the scientific method.  B-Hubble found other galaxies red shift.  speed of light away?  JW-cant travel faster than speed of light.  but are some galaxies moving faster than SOL.  CM-space itself can expand faster than speed of light.  B-which direction?  JW-only in respect to other things.  CM-maybe a big rip in future.  B-dark matter/energy diff?  JW-not sure what it is.  B-what is winning?  JW-maybe other dimensions, time begins and travels in two directions.  TW-Linday, at Stanford, talks about multiple universes.  has to be tested.  B-Geo Gamov 1,2,3 infinity book.  diff infinities, geometric curves, like multiverses?  JW-handy to have a few beers when discussing this.  JW-Einstein had two principles to start...hunch, develop a theory, he thot some things would never be proved.  Special Rel vs General Rel, tried for Unified Field Theory.  JW-lots of books on this.  B-bible does not mention.  TT-sci method. JW-easier to just do physics.  CM-Turtles all the way down.

33:46.058 music-once i had enuf of a mass i became a star of gas... B-pass a law that you can not send stupid stuff in space.  car to land on mars?  JW-just orbit out to Mars. CM-Musk wanted to show he could lift that much mass. [Q:what could you send up that would be good for science, but not too much cost to monitor?] Richard Dupree: Falcon Heavy..  CM-Saturn V was biggest.  RD-Russian rocket is biggest?  CM-Proton just man rated.  JW-SpaceX going for that rating, w/ Dragon capsule.  B-just 3 rockets tied together, nothing new. CM-but a new system.  RD-BFR?  JW-will lift a heavier load.  B-moth on side of rocket? shuttle?  CM-too dangerous.  o-ring in booster, wing insulation problems. JW-Nasa was not concerned w cost cutting with reuseabiilty.  CM-computers are better now. 

41:27.394  music-Carl Sagan, on this shore, we have learned most of what we know....Cosmos is within us, we are made of star stuff...ship of the imagination...anywhere in space and time...come w/ me.   B-Cosmos hour.  TT-is the Tesla the fastest vehicle in space?  B-17K low earth orbit, 25Kmph to leave earth.  B-slingshot effect...some taken back?  CM-yes, but use the angular momentum of the planet.  JW-all the math to do that was developed in the 1600's.  Newton Principia (sic)  JW-1st explained his calculus.  TW-math of change.  JW-have sliderule in glass case in case of emergency...break the glass..  B-long formulas on board, can JW understand that?  JW-doing some luminosity right now.  B-is E=MC2 used now? TT-nuclear weapons research  CM-solar physics.  TW-doing labs Arduino modules permability of free space measured by coil mag fields extract value of Mzero(?) 10-5 Tesla...Gauss...TT-how strong is Earth?  1/2 Gauss.   B-like deGausing?  JW-unit of strenght.  TW-German mathematician.  music-as a spaceship files...strong embrace of a black hole...

51:01.794 music-Gato-Europa... B-share w vast audience, cosmos telsa TW-outreach at Westmont this Friday...hwy 192 is open from the W to Cold Springs...not sure about Hot Springs access up from Montecito.  Find 5 pts circle..Eucalyptus hill rd comes up to just E of Cold Springs.  B-how telescope compare to Museum's.  JW-pulling dagger out..need to re-initialize.  B-Beatrice Farrand Hall B-reverse Q lecture JW-save for potluck in June TT-keep standards up to Adrian Lopez's talk. 
55:51.186 end
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